Steps You Need to Take 5 Years Before Retirement

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Doug Goldstein March 24, 2022

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What are the steps you need to take before retirement?
What are the critical things you must do before you clean out your desk at work?

Hopefully you’ve accumulated a significant amount of savings to supplement your pensions before you retired.

But how that money is invested may be even more important than the fact you have savings.

An investor should consider their portfolio’s asset allocation and its tax efficiencies before retiring. What kind of situation is your portfolio in? Are your investments growing in taxable accounts or are they in tax-deferred accounts?

Should an investor be aggressive in their portfolio or conservative after retiring?

The resource Steps You Need to Take 5 Years before Retirement was made for every investor on the road to retirement.

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What happens after retirement?

Retirees that stay engaged and productive are happier in all aspects of their life.

What will you do after you retire?

Make sure that you’re not only” retiring from” work, but you “retire to” do something that makes you fulfilled.

Understanding exactly how you’ll spend your time is the first step to understanding your retired financial position. Consider what a purposeful retirement looks like for you.

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