Vacation is a Value Decision

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Doug Goldstein September 21, 2023

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When you choose to go on vacation, you’re prioritizing experiences over money in the bank or investments. It’s a value decision. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in experiences with your family or put all your money in the stock market! Let’s talk specific goals and why you should always start with why.

Join host Douglas Goldstein as he shares important financial insights he uncovered during his recent family vacation.

When planning a vacation, we often make value decisions, prioritizing experiences over keeping all our money in the stock market. Douglas encourages listeners to have specific goals and understand why they are investing. It’s not just about the numbers but about creating a life you envision and leaving a meaningful legacy for your loved ones.

Doug also breaks down the concept of total return, explaining the different ways one can make money – capital gains, dividends, and interest. He also explores two different investment approaches: the bucket strategy and the total return strategy. The bucket strategy involves dividing your investments into different buckets to fund specific goals, such as vacations or leaving an inheritance. On the other hand, the total return strategy focuses on managing and maintaining a portfolio where income from various sources can be utilized for different purposes.

No matter which approach resonates with you, it’s crucial to align your financial decisions with your long-term goals and personal preferences.

Don’t miss out on these key insights that can shape your investment journey.

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