Financial Planning for Illness and Death 

Doug Goldstein April 18, 2024

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When you or a loved one faces a serious health issue, it’s crucial to think about how it affects your finances. Illness can strike unexpectedly, making it hard to manage money. Here’s how you can safeguard your wealth during such times.

Understand the Risks of Joint Accounts

Many couples share joint accounts, which seems convenient. However, when one partner gets seriously ill, managing these accounts can get complicated. If one person can’t make decisions due to health problems, accessing funds might become challenging. It’s vital to know how these accounts work, especially the rules about who gets the money when one partner passes away.

Making Smart Money Moves

To avoid financial stress during illness, consider reorganizing your finances. One idea is to shift the control of funds to the healthier partner or a trusted family member. This move can simplify money management and access to funds in many cases. 

The Power of Legal Planning

Creating legal documents like powers of attorney or trusts is a possibility that allows you to ensure that your goals are fulfilled. These can ensure someone you trust manages your finances if you can’t. But, be cautious. Having multiple people with this power might lead to disagreements and complications.

The Importance of Clear Communication and Expert Advice

Talk openly with your family about your financial plan and health scenarios. Seek advice from financial and legal experts to create a plan that suits your unique situation. These professionals can help you understand the options, like trusts, which can offer a clear path for managing your assets according to your wishes.

Keep it Simple

Aim for a balance between accessibility and security in your financial setup. Overly complex arrangements can make things harder in stressful times. Strive for simplicity to ensure smoother decision-making.

Preparing for health-related financial challenges is about more than just managing money. It’s about planning for the unforeseeable and making informed decisions that align with your family values and long-term goals. Start the conversation early and plan wisely to navigate these challenges with confidence.

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