Beware of the Implications of a Changing Signature

Doug Goldstein monologue
Doug Goldstein August 20, 2020

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One often overlooked sign of aging is your signature. As people age, often their handwriting and signature change.

What does handwriting have to do with investing?

Quite simply, if your signatures don’t match it may be harder to move money.

Doug talks about the importance of keeping up-to-date records with your financial institutions – including your (aging) signature.

Learn about other financial implications that may affect senior citizens and get practical workarounds for some of the financial ramifications that come with age.

Do you have someone you can trust with your finances?

Cross-border investing is challenging for American expats. How can you find a financial advisor who understands your specific situation? Doug discusses how to choose an appropriate advisor and build a trustworthy financial team. He lists questions investors need to ask their financial and legal consultants before making an investment. Ask these questions to your financial team!

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