10 Keys to a Financially Stable Marriage

Doug Goldstein of Goldstein on Gelt (513 x 636)
Doug Goldstein July 5, 2018

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Do you and your spouse have a financially stable marriage?

In honor of his 26th wedding anniversary (BatSheva – looking forwards to many more!!!), Doug created a free resource to help you make sure you and your spouse are mindful of how money affects your marriage.

You can build a financially stable marriage in different ways: you can jointly review your financial statements regularly, stay away from debt, or go shopping together. Download a series of practical tips for a financially happy marriage: Handling Money for a Happy Marriage.

Download free resource: Handling Money for a Happy Marriage

What are 3 ways an investor can make money?

Ron Zalben of Aboulafia Avital Shrensky & Company joins Doug for today’s tax tip. Do you know the different tax ramifications on interest from bonds and dividends? Ron explains their differences in-depth. To reach out to Ron Zalben, contact ron@aboulafia.co.il.

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