Wells Fargo Ending Relationship with Overseas Clients

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Doug Goldstein August 5, 2021

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Wells Fargo announced they are going to end their relationship with their overseas clients and close those accounts just because the address on the account is not in America.

Does Wells Fargo’s move leave you and your investments out in the cold?

If you received a letter from Wells Fargo (or any other American brokerage firm) informing you that you must move your account elsewhere, don’t panic. There is a simple solution.

How Profile Can Help You

With over 25 years of experience with cross-border investors, Profile is able to open and maintain U.S. brokerage and IRA accounts for people who live outside the United States. Even though our office is in Jerusalem, we work with Portfolio Resources Group, which has clients in 35 countries. Our Jerusalem office focuses on clients in Israel, Europe, and the Far East.

Listen to this podcast episode which tells you the basic procedures that clients need to know about transferring their accounts.

Then, call the office 02-624-2788, and let’s start a conversation.

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