The 6-Step Checklist Every Investor Needs to Use

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Efraim Goldstein January 26, 2023

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Investing is more than just throwing money in the stock market. If everyone’s goal was to grow their portfolio, then shouldn’t everyone do the same thing?

In this week’s show, Doug and his son Efraim, go through the 6-step checklist that every investor needs to use. Listen to understand why it’s so important to have a goals that match your values and beliefs before you put money in the market.

The 6-Step Checklist to Investing

√ Set goals for you and your family
√ Get the facts about all your holdings and where you are saving money and paying money
√ Identify upcoming potential financial opportunities and challenges, in order to prepare accordingly
√ Create an actual investment plan that is suitable to your tolerance risk level
√ Action! Implement your financial plan
√ Review and follow up on a regular basis. Some numbers need to be looked at monthly, quarterly, and annually

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