The Pros and Cons of International Investing

Doug Goldstein
May 11, 2017

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Does fear drive your international investing decisions? Listen for tips on how to minimize your fear of investments. Don’t let what might happen affect your decision making.

Bearing that in mind, Doug also suggests that diversifying the currency in your portfolio is crucial for people who save in one currency and spend in another.

Be sure your investment decisions are within your comfort level.

International investments raise many questions especially when currency diversification comes into play. It’s important to find a balance between who you are, what you need, and your tolerance for risk.

Doug answers the question of whether expat investors needs to sell off their U.S. investments. He also explains why many U.S. firms have a “no non-U.S. client” policy.

If you have overseas investments, or would like to have U.S. investments, Doug gives practical advice about finding a cross-border money manager. Be sure to download a free resource for non-U.S. residents who want to open U.S. accounts by clicking here.


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