Is the Right Company Managing Your Money?

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Doug Goldstein July 7, 2022

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Who is managing your money? Who is giving you financial advice?

How do you know you’re asking for advice from the right source?

Any financial advice you receive should be customized and personalized to meet your current financial situation.

The free resource Is The Right Company Managing Your Money explains how all of your investments should be reviewed and by who.

Download the free resource: Is The Right Company Managing Your Money?

Recently received an inheritance in the United States?

Have you recently received an inheritance from the United States but are living in Israel? Every inheritance is different. Someone may inherit two brokerage accounts and an IRA while someone else’s inheritance is completely different. Know where to find the right advice.

What should you do with your inheritance?

Receiving an inheritance can be complicated especially if you receive a U.S. inheritance and are living in Israel. But it doesn’t have to be. The Inheritance Book was written for every Israeli citizen that recently received an inheritance from America.

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