Managing Sequence of Returns Risk

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Doug Goldstein December 28, 2023

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In the world of investing, it’s not just about the highs but managing the lows, especially when approaching retirement. Here’s why discussing sequence of returns risk is crucial:

– 📉 **Volatility Management**: Buying high and selling low is a surefire path to investment failure. It’s important to understand the importance of timing in the withdrawal phase.

– 🏦 **Portfolio Diversification**: Balancing your investments with bank deposits, cash, and bonds can help mitigate risks during market downturns.

– 🌎 **Cross-Border Considerations**: For those living abroad, integrating financial advice that’s specific to your residency and situation, like tax implications, is key.

Don’t fall victim to sequence of returns risk. Let’s pave the way for your secure financial future!

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