How to Research a Stock: What Number Should You Look At?

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Efraim Goldstein January 6, 2022

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In this down to earth show, learn how to use Yahoo! finance to help you research stocks. Efraim is ready to start investing. Listen to Doug’s tips on how to research a stock and understand all the numbers.

While you listen, open up Yahoo! finance, and follow along as Doug and Efraim click through the different tabs. After listening to this show, you’ll be prepared to research stocks.

Doug explains what the “yield dividend” is and how to calculate it correctly. You can still make a steady income even f the price of the stock goes down. 

Does a company’s size matter? Is bigger better? The key is to try to figure out what the company will look like in a few years and if it will still be relevant. 

Efraim is a first-year business student, former IDF officer, and an entrepreneur, launching the “Day with an Officer” business. Contact him at:  

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