The Hidden Truth About Bonds

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Doug Goldstein November 22, 2018

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One of the characteristics of bonds is that they are predictable.

That means, when you buy a bond you generally know how much income you will get and when. However, there are a series of unexpected risks associated with bonds. There are no guarantees in the world of investing. Before you begin to invest in bonds you should understand the possible risks involved.

Doug created a free resource titled Risks of bond investing. The resource highlights different risks associated with bonds including interest rate risk, credit risk, and default risk.

Throughout the month, The Goldstein on Gelt Show discussed the fundamentals on bonds. On November 28th, the show will host a free webinar titled How to Invest in Bonds for Safety and Income. The webinar is designed to be a conversation surrounding the principles of bonds. Register today. Seats are limited.

Download free resource: Risks of bond investing

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