Are Mutual Funds Safe?

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Doug Goldstein March 7, 2019

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Are mutual funds safe investments?

The word on the street is that mutual funds are “safe” because they are a diversified investment, but is that really true?

Can mutual funds have risk? In other words, can you lose money with mutual funds?

Listen to today’s show to learn more about mutual funds and the risk they have. What makes a fund conservative, moderate, or aggressive?

How do smart investors use mutual funds to diversify their portfolio and minimize risk? It’s important to understand the details of any mutual fund you have in your portfolio.

Finding a brokerage firm

Have you recently been asked to close your account simply because you don’t have an American address? While some investment firms decide not to work with expats, others welcome an expat’s legitimate business. If your U.S. brokerage firm kicked you out, get in touch.

The free toolkit Opening U.S. Brokerage Accounts for Overseas was created for investors living who want to open a U.S. brokerage account. Download it now!

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