One Common Myth About Receiving a Cross-Border U.S. Inheritance While Living in Israel

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Doug Goldstein January 4, 2024

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Doug discusses the myth that it is illegal for people who move to Israel or inherit money from the U.S. to keep their investments in American accounts. He explains why this myth exists and how it can actually be beneficial to maintain U.S. investments after making Aliyah or receiving an inheritance.

A few key points:

  • It is absolutely legal for Israelis to keep money and investments in U.S. accounts like brokerage, bank, IRA, etc.
  • Some big U.S. firms ask Israeli clients to leave due to bureaucracy and compliance issues, not because it’s illegal
  • Keeping U.S. investments can be beneficial for language, tax, and investment reasons
  • There are procedures to transfer U.S. inheritance and IRA accounts to Israeli residents. May require extra steps
  • Work with a cross-border financial advisor who understands both U.S. and Israeli systems

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