How to Make the Most Out of Your Parents’ Stocks

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Doug Goldstein February 24, 2022

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What is the first thing you should do after you inherit your parents’ stock portfolio?

Start with a financial planning outlook.

Take a moment to think about your own needs, and determine if the inherited stocks meet those needs.

If not, then decide how to sell them and what to invest in instead.

The important thing is that even though at one time the assets were your parents’ stock, you don’t need to keep the assets invested in the same stocks that they did. Instead, you should create a portfolio based on your current situation, including your own tax obligations.

Download the free resource “How to Make the Most Out of Your Parents’ Stocks” is an step-by-step guide for all investors looking for answers about inheritances.

Download free resource: How to Make the Most Out of Your Parents’ Stocks


How are U.S. inheritances taxed?

How are inheritances taxed? Are inheritances taxed differently in the United States than other countries? If you recently received a U.S. portfolio, there are certain U.S. tax laws that could impact your inheritance. While I am a financial advisor and not a tax expert, there are certain tax ramifications to owning/inheriting stocks that you need to know about.

For more information about inheritances, check out The Inheritance Book. The Inheritance Book was written for investors living in Israel receiving an inheritance from the United States.

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