Why Working with a Cross-Border Advisor is Crucial for Olim with US Investments

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Doug Goldstein October 26, 2023

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What are some specific challenges that Americans living in Israel face when it comes to managing their US investments? How can a cross-border investment advisor assist in addressing these challenges?

Doug addresses the importance of understanding what your advisor truly understands about you when it comes to your finances:

  • Why, as a cross-border financial planner, working with an advisor who understands both your situation in Israel and your investments in the United States is crucial.
  • The limitations of working solely with either a U.S. or an Israeli advisor
  • The need for expertise in cross-border investing.

Doug also shares real-life examples of the risks and challenges faced by Americans living outside the US, emphasizing the need for specialized knowledge in navigating tax issues and financial planning.

If you’re a cross-border investor or planning to become one, this episode is a must-listen as Doug delves into the importance of working with a cross-border investment advisor who can provide the comprehensive understanding and guidance you need.

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