What to Do When Your Brokerage Firm Wants to End Your Relationship

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Doug Goldstein January 20, 2022

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Does your American brokerage firm want to end your relationship because you live in Israel (or anyplace else other than the USA)?

Why would a U.S. broker not want to work with an account with a foreign address? Brokerage firms in the United States may drop clients living in Israel because of the fear of not knowing their client properly and extra bureaucracy involved in having clients who live overseas.

However, it is not against the law for folks living overseas to have American brokerage accounts. If you’re an expat investor who has been dropped by your U.S. brokerage firm, you need to find a cross-border firm that specializes in clients similar to yourself.

Look no further….

Living in Israel but investing in the United States?

Trying to find a licensed financial advisor with cross-border expertise who can open an American brokerage account for you?

If so, then you should download the free resource “Retirees Fired by Their Brokers in America.” The resource is a summary of what Israeli clients should do if their U.S. financial advisor drops them.

Download free resource: Retirees Fired by Their Brokers in America

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