Don’t be a DIYer: U.S. Cross-Border Investments in Israel

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Doug Goldstein January 31, 2024

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Taking Control of Your Finances or Partnering Up With Experts?

A Critical Decision for U.S. Expats Living in Israel!

Are you a DIY investor?

Curious about the benefits of working with a financial advisor?

Join Doug as he discusses the pros and cons of managing your own portfolio versus seeking professional guidance.

Discover the importance of expertise, personalized strategies, portfolio diversification, and ongoing support from a financial advisor.

Find out why more DIYers are turning to advisors for financial stability and explore how you can make informed investment decisions.

If you’re considering working with a cross-border financial professional, this episode is a must-watch! Enjoyed learning from this post? Don’t forget to share it!

Reach out to Doug Goldstein at Profile Financial for more personalized advice, and make sure to give a 👍 to the “Goldstein on Gelt” show for insightful financial podcasts tailored for life in Israel.

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