Who Should Win the Nobel Prize in Economics?

John Palmer
John Palmer January 10, 2016

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Should the Nobel Prize in Economics be given to the person who can discover a way to invest for maximum return but little risk?

Can you invest for a maximum return and with a conservative stance? Doug examines both of these concepts on this week’s show, giving advice on how to make smart investment choices. Listen to the whole show to get a link to a video clip (free) that can help you determine the proper asset allocation model for you.

Today’s guest, Professor John Palmer of the University of Western Ontario explains the politics behind the Nobel Prize in Economics.  He also shares insights about the financial problems with the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction campaign (BDS) against Israel, and why it hurts the people it’s meant to help.

Follow John Palmer and his work at his blog: http://www.eclectecon.net/

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