Interview Check List

We’re thrilled to have you share your wisdom and stories on The Goldstein on Gelt Show. Our interviews have been heard hundreds of thousands of times, so it’s important to make sure that we get everything right.

Here is a quick checklist with everything you need to know:
  • The interview usually lasts 12 and 20 minutes, and that time passes very quickly, so we can’t dwell on any one topic too much.
  • Your appearance is meant to be a chat with Doug, not a speech, so you don’t have to have long answers. Instead, imagine that you’re sitting down in a café and schmoozing with a friend. Think “conversation,” not “monologue.”
  • The conversation is pre-recorded, which means that if there are problems during the discussion, our engineer can cut them out. In general, however, we do not edit the interviews, so prepare in advance what you want to say.
Technical requirements:
  • We record our interviews using Zoom, so please make sure you have Zoom installed and ready to go on your computer.
  • Use a headset. Sound quality is dramatically improved when guests use a headset. If you don’t have one, it’s worth getting one, not only for this interview, but you’ll probably really enjoy having it in the future.
Last minute before the interview:
  • Test your internet connection and Zoom settings.
  • Turn off your mobile phone.
  • Look around to make sure you’re in a quiet place.
  • Get a glass of water.
  • Write down any last minute speaking points you may want to mention.
  • Take a deep breath and get ready for a good time!

We’re excited to have you join our list of amazing guests, and we want to make sure that your interview sounds as good as possible.
If you have any questions or problems, please be in touch with our producer, Yoram Ohana (, 1-888-327-6179,ext. 4 or from Israel 02-624-2788, ext. 4).